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Who are we?

For now three years, the Fancy Tree Studio has been gathering several enthusiasts and videogame lovers seeking for new projects, in Grenoble (France) and further away.

What used to be a a group of connoiseurs has now grown and learned, and is nowadays trying to make its way to the French and international gaming stage.

Although we revendicate our outsider status and experience in the independent videogame industry, our values are simple, as is our claim : hardwork and imagination.

The Kaode adventure has gathered over 22 people from 4 different countries;

But, who really knows what the Fancy Tree followers are capable of?


The puzzle game Euraka was written and realised during the Game Jam, under the theme of “Light”, organised by the Casemate in Grenoble on the 14th and 15th of March 2015.


Créateurs :

  • Quentin Guidotti (Game designer)
  • Fabien Plart (Lead dev)
  • Rémi Georges Boutin (Graphiste)
  • Azarias Boutin (dev)

Retrouvez-nous :


Kaode is a communautary game of adventure, of exploration and battle between creatures. It is set in a post-apocalyptical universe designed under fantasy and steampunk influence.

Come and take part in an adventure where YOU are the hero, in an evolving world.

Retrouvez-nous :

Prochainement ?

A 2D multiplayer beat them all, with characters coming from all time and space?

A point & click following the adventure of a young witch, dealing with the mourning of her old grandma?

A board game about the spicy nights of your own city?!

Check our pages, follow us on Facebook and you will soon know !

Fabien Plart

Developer, projet leader, super coder and outstanding coffee maker.

The machine whisperer.

Extremes are always triggering great emotions. With his motobike and mechanic on the one hand and informating and programming on the other, Fabien has found two passions which perfectly serve his paradox: living a life between stability and continuous exploration.

Fluent in 0 and 1 languages, endowed with a great sense of hardwork and an even greater coffee machine, he sets aside his martial art and uses his contacts (like some others would use “cerebro”) to gather the team which will help him make his ambition come true: launch a game which will satisfy his search for challenges, improve the pokemon experience and allow him to work for himself.

His meeting with Quentin and the others will be game-changing (pun intended).

As roots of the Fancy Tree Studio, Fabien will see the project grow as a community RPG, of which he will be the bone structure.

Quentin Guidotti

Scriptwriter, gamedesigner and sound effect engineer of the known world.

The storyteller with the plan.

Quentin, aka Qent, is a storytelling addict, fiction fan and cinema enthusiast.

As a historian and radiohost, the team's storyteller likes to travel, push his limits, look for the indescribable, smell the colours and stroke the unknown.

In 2013, he was prepared for the end of the world - or any other event that could disrupt the routine. He learns the Secret of mana, visits the end of times, helps a chopped steak finding his way back to its beloved, and a shaggy and tiny man not to starve.

But his encounter with Fabien shuffles the cards, and an idea starts to take shape: a whole universe comes to life, caracters come out of the dark, winter ends and the Known World of Kaode is born.

As the spirit of the Fancy Tree Studio, Quentin works on opening the gates to this huge and beautiful imaginary world, so as many souls as possible can enter it.

Léa Rondeaux

Illustrator, graphic designer and artistic director

Passionated stackhnovist, she also knows how to knit.

Lea is a woman in her twenties who likes to spend time in bed, to devour books and to seize the day to its fullest. She is a tiny bit disorganized and has been drawing characters since she can hold a pen, placing them in different contexts and stories.

While roaming through the vasts and devastated fields of the internet, looking for projects that would match her quirk, she finally joins the Kaode team, ready to add her graphic experience to the equation.

With her geek touch, she stands for the idea that it would be interesting for the videogame community to introduce more games, stories and female characters.

As a founder and follower of the tree with the bowtie, she gives a second chance to some boring graphic standards to meet her, and to miss her.

Raphaël Marandet

Battle scheme developer and multiplayer architect.

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Raphaël masters the art of coding.

He's a game designer inspired by the deepest pixelised corners of the digital world, greatly influenced by Tron, armed with his loyal keyboard and mouse.

His different projects and the experience points he gained over the years have brought him to conceive great libraries harbouring algorithms and ready-to-be-used tools conceived to empower him in his art of development.

If we were reading a ninja's CV, we would find out that he holds ancient knowledges and has become a master in the art of many technics in modern development.

He spotted the Fancy Tree Studio when it was only starting to bloom, and helped it grow so he could use it to interact with other occupations in the world of videogames: sound effects, video, texts, designs, communication, traduction and more.

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